Two Unsung Volunteers

They initially answered a plea for help, much like the plea we’ve issued with this issue of Streetlights. They came and looked around, and we put them to work. They tried sorting and hanging clothing and that was ok, but then they found what they really liked and, in the best possible circumstance, what we really needed.

Jan Davis and Barbara Stevens

Jan Davis and Barbara Stevens had an eye for jewelry.
They came every week and sorted through the neverending banana boxes of jewelry that come to the Little Store, searching for pairs of earrings (this is definitely more time-consuming than you can imagine) and attaching everything to index cards, ready for the Little Store jewelry cabinet. They didn’t often get to see how much people love to shop for jewelry at the Little Store. This can be really fun for people who can’t afford to shop for a lot of jewelry in regular stores. Jan and Barbara didn’t need to see it, though, to know that what they were doing helped. They had the hearts to help.

Sadly, we said goodbye to them last fall when Jan
needed time to take care of health concerns. We miss
them on Tuesdays but want to wish them continued
good health and all the best.