Food Distribution

We have no food.  We will go hungry. For the average American today this fear has been muted for the most part. But for newcomers recently arrived, workers recently laid off, or anyone facing a debilitating illness or arrival of a new family member it can be an enormous, insurmountable problem. We have been passing out food for almost 25 years. Whatever food donations come into the Little Store, we pass out to patrons.   We started picking up bread and pastry items from local supermarkets and we pass out free bread to anyone who makes a purchase in the Little Store or just needs some. Ours is an ever-evolving ministry. This was never more clearly brought to our attention than the day when a man came to the door asking for some food. We told him to come back in a few days when our food distribution center was open. He replied, “But I am hungry now!” That stopped us in our tracks. We had a meeting that night and decided the man was right.  We changed our food distribution policies so that food is now available whenever we are in the store.  Even if the Little Store is closed, if we are present and someone knocks on the door requesting food, we are to give it out. This program is often funded at the expense of our other programs. We are continually trying to find ways to fund this program. We have done coin drops at parishes, and we have accepted bottle and can donations.  We are committed to keep searching for ways to fund this program that addresses a most basic need.