Sustainer Testimonials

“We feel so blessed to be able to have a small part in the hands-on works of mercy that the Urban Missionaries [of Our Lady of Hope] do, for those who are desperate for help, in the many ways they do. We can’t be in the city. We can’t be in the places where we might be able to give an actual helping hand. But by being a sustainer, we have the gift of being a little part of the big gift of those on the scene.  Thank you to all those who are! We pray for all of you every day!” — Mother Mary Elizabeth K.

“I have shared my time, talent and treasure with the Refugee Apostolate /Urban Missionaries [of Our Lady of Hope] for many years. Ten years ago, when my wife passed to eternal life, I decided to join the ranks of the sustainers in my wife’s memory. She also was a big supporter of this ministry, and this is my way of ‘just helping.'” — Ed M.

“Having volunteered with Walter, Kathy and the Little Store staff, I came to realize the amazing commitment they have to their cause. The love and caring they have for their constituents is evident in everything they do. They have created a hub of needed resources that can be a lifesaver to those in need. Also, working with the team opened my eyes and, I think, made me a better person. Finally, if you are worried that the money will be wasted, don’t be! Having used a paint brush well beyond its useful life because Walter didn’t want to be wasteful and throw it away is proof enough for me that every penny is spent wisely.” — Christopher S.

“We are sustainers of your program as we have been blessed to see first-hand the work you do, through our YNIA Teen Youth Program at St. Gabriel’s in Upton. One of the highlights of our year is volunteering during the holiday. Walter and Kathy have been great partners with our teens and are willing to share their story with them. When they do, they have a profound impact on them. They are a wonderful example of grace and being a servant to others.” — Cathleen M.

“Next to my church, my monthly donation to Urban Ministries [of Our Lady of Hope] is the most important and comforting donation I make. It is effortless because I have it withdrawn from my checking account and comforting because having worked at the Little Store for several years, I know the money is well spent on some of the most interesting and grateful people I’ve ever met.” — Fran G.

“I donate because the Urban Missionaries of Our Lady of Hope do so much to better the lives of many. You take on projects and causes that other nonprofits pay little attention to; you sustain and improve the lives of many, such as the young people you employ. I‘ve seen quite a few young guys look up to you and others at the Little Store. You act as great Christian [role] models for them – following the Gospel message and answering the call to mission.” — Brenda S.

“I donate regularly to the Urban Missionaries [of Our Lady of Hope] because the folks there truly do God’s work – food pantry, thrift Store, citizenship classes, Christmas program and more. This organization truly serves the community and reaches out to give a helping hand to those in need.” — Meg M.

“My wife and I chose to become Urban Missionaries [of Our Lady of Hope] sustainers for two simple reasons. We believe in the organization. They provide all kinds of support to the ‘least of our brethren.’ Their work is driven by prayer and by their faith in Jesus Christ. It’s a beautiful thing. Two; the sustainers part. We wanted our support to be constant, but we preferred not to have to remember to write checks. So, our monthly donation is automatically drawn from our checking account.” — Paul A.

“I forget how and when I met Deacon Walter and Kathy Doyle. In conversation, Walter told me about the Little Store that was down on Main Street in Worcester. Not too much later, I was invited to volunteer wrapping and distributing Christmas gifts in Worcester. I saw the faces of the recipients, most with eyes pooled with gratitude. While we could not give of our time the way others could, Ruth and I could give of our financial resources, knowing that the money would be used to meet a variety of needs and help people most in need – many who live close to us, providing beyond a meal to clothing housing, furniture, legal assistance, help getting work, etc. Thank you, Walter and Kathy.” — Rich D.

“Over ten years ago, we decided that – being retired – we wanted to help out in some way. We went down to the home, at that time, of the Refugee Apostolate on lower Chandler Street. That resulted in us meeting Walter and Kathy.

We have, in this time, developed a wonderful friendship with Walter and Kathy. We are in awe of their devotion to the noble goal of  ‘helping the least, the last and the left out’ for over 40 years. Walter and Kathy have an obvious and quiet belief in the power and love of God. They operate on the feeling that God will provide when the time is right. Which He always seems to do in unexpected ways!

Somewhere along the way, as a result of our long relationship with Urban Missionaries [of Our Lady of Hope], we got hooked on the mission, and through Walter and Kathy’s guidance, we have become Urban Missionaries of Our Lady of Hope and do whatever we can to move the Urban Missionaries of Our Lady of Hope forward. We moved out of state in 2020 and can no longer put in the on-site help, but we still try to move the mission forward.  We became sustainers sometime before we moved and have continued since we moved. Even though we can no longer participate in on-site activities, we still feel that it is important for us to stay on as sustainers.  This is a community that provides a multitude of services, the Little Store, food pantry, Christmas program, Thanksgiving food baskets, a housing program, ESL services and citizenship services to name a few. They truly do provide for the least, the last and the left out! We urge you to get involved as we did – volunteer (you really don’t know your talents), become a sustainer, help care for ‘the least, the last and the left out.’” — Bruce and Leane P.