The most precious resources the Urban Missionaries has are the time and the dedication of our volunteers. We could write a book on their willingness and ability to help. Every week, our volunteers come in and do the little things that keep our Little Store running. Whether it is taking out the trash, hanging and sorting clothes, or taking the box truck out to pick up a donation, these volunteers do it all.

It is tough work, but it is rewarding. It is a place to give back and make new friends and connections. If you believe that you have the spare time and willingness to help out, call 508-831-7455 or email mailbox@urbanmissionaries.com to see if there is a good time slot for your schedule. There are also more defined positions where volunteers can develop job skills.

The Urban Missionaries of Our Lady of Hope depends on volunteers to help keep its various programs running. Without volunteers, it would be necessary to shut down most of our outreach efforts. Got Time is our outreach to you in the hope that you will respond to our needs.

All of the open positions require one or two hours of your time on a weekly basis, although you may only have to participate one day a month. If you have any of the skills posted here, please let us know and we will schedule some time to meet with you and discuss the position thoroughly with you, so that you may make an informed decision about the requirements of the position.

Open Volunteer Positions:

Retail Programs – Our Little Store and Flea Market programs.

Sr. Alice Petty, R.S.M. citizenship/immigration – helps people processing their paperwork for a change in immigration status or prepare for the citizenship exam.

Pastoral Outreach – responds to requests for help

Food Distribution –  picks up and distributes food at two locations. 

Saint Stephen Housing Initiative – provides housing for newly arrived refugees, immigrants, and asylees.

Computer Support Specialist