Donate Items

One great way to support the Urban Missionaries is with donations of clothing, household items, furniture, and even bottles and cans. Through donations like these we are able to continue running our retail programs and other charitable programs.

You can bring donations directly to the Little Store at 242 Canterbury Street, Worcester, MA. Feel free to load up a truck or car, and bring it right to the door. Our friendly and helpful staff and volunteers will come out to take a look at the donation, and give you a hand bringing it all in.

Another way to make donations is to call and schedule a time and date for us to bring our box truck right to your door! We will be happy to drive out for a visit and bring your donations right back to the Little Store. There is a shared maintenance fee for us to bring the box truck to you, depending on the town you live in.

For more information, call 508-831-7455. We will set up a time and date for our volunteer crew to come out and pick up a donation, or give information on items we may be interested in.