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  • AmazonSmile

    We recently set up our account with the AmazonSmile program. It has already started to generate a stream of income for us. now, we are trying to get the word out to all you Amazon shoppers to select either urban Missionaries of Our Lady of Hope or Refugee Apostolate, Inc.... Read more →

  • Changes, Changes

    As we told you in prior issues of StreetLights, we will be making some changes to StreetLights beginning with our February 2018 edition! We will be reducing the total number of pages to four, adding color pictures, and providing links to point you to a more in depth copy of... Read more →

  • The Director’s Chair

    Well it is Christmas once again! I don’t know about you, but this issue of StreetLights seems to be coming around all to quickly to suit me. I was just getting into the swing of summer and all of a sudden it is winter! Good grief. We are really moving... Read more →

  • Merry Christmas!

    Our Christmas Season is well underway! Once again, we are reaching out to you for a donation of your hard earned cash so that we can continue our Christmas Giving Program. We always wonder how in heaven’s name we are going to be able to get somewhere around 15,000 gifts.... Read more →

  • What Urban Missionaries Do!

    Today I had one of those experiences, you know the kind that just jump out at you, smile and say, “Here I am!” Well, this one had the audacity to pop into my mind as we were gathering for our Tuesday prayer service. I had gone up to the meditation... Read more →

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