If You Have Some Time, We Can Use It!

Once again we are reaching out to you for help in solving a problem that has been with us from the very beginning of our ministry to “the least, the last, and the left out.” Namely, finding volunteers to help with the day-to-day work necessary to provide our services.

Currently, we have a number of volunteers who have decided to regularly spend their time and talents working in our two food pantries, picking up food from supermarkets, hanging and pricing clothing, serving as members on our board of directors, housing, and Christmas committees. These volunteers spend 2 or 3 hours per week helping out. Then we come to the Christmas volunteers, over 125 of them, who come and make Christmas happen for over 2,500 kids. As you can see, without these folks this ministry would not happen.

However, times are changing, and we are seeing a drop in volunteers. So, we are asking you to, first, think about volunteering some time of your own, and second, spread the word about our needs by telling your friends and family or sharing our needs on your Facebook page, Twitter or whatever social media you are currently using.

Here is an inventory of our current needs by program and for administration. If you would like to make a difference, contact us by email at mailbox@urbanmissionaries.com or by phone at 508-831-7455 and we will contact you to discuss your interests and skill level. You are going to be glad you did!

Retail Programs: – This is our LittleStore and Flea Market programs.

Sr. Alice Petty, R.S.M. citizenship/immigration: – Helps people with processing paperwork for a change in immigration status, prepare for the citizenship exam, sponsor relatives, increase their English skills.

Outreach to the Elderly: – We will work with the elderly to deep clean their homes.

Food Distribution: – Picks up and distributes food at two locations.

Saint Stephen Housing Initiative: – Provides housing for newly arrived refugees, immigrants and asylees.

Administration: – This is the day-to-day operations of the Urban Missionaries of Our Lady of Hope.

Give us a thought; please give us some time.