Westborough Public Library Purse Giveaway

Once again, our friends at the Westborough Public Library included the Little Store as one of their distribution locations for their annual “Gently Used Pocketbooks and Purses” program. These purses and pocketbooks are packed with various new items, ranging from hand sanitizer to rain hats to umbrellas, that the women find very useful. We gave them away at Easter time, and this year we distributed 100 pocketbooks and purses to customers of the Little Store. They actually were distributed in record time, as Marielis, who works the front counter, described the stream of women coming to the store, “My friend told me to come for a free Easter gift,” or, “I heard you were giving away free purses!” General excitement all around!                       This is the second year that Westborough Public Library has included us in this lovely outreach, and we certainly have fun with it. Thank you to Maureen Ambrosino, the Director of the library and to our good friend, Judy Wilchynski, for including us in this lovely outreach.