Welcome Charley O’Neill

Charley O’Neill, General Manager of All Urban Missionaries of Our Lady of Hope Operations

It is with great pleasure that we introduce Mr. Charley O’Neill as our General Manager. Charley started at the end of January and very quickly started to leave his mark on the “work.” Please keep him in your prayers because he will be carrying on the mission to the “least, the last, and the left out.” Below are some initial thoughts from Charley:

After multiple decades of working in the high tech industry I was searching for something new. I wanted to spend my remaining productive years working a little closer to people. The process of building software and hardware for computers was always interesting, but I never got to see the people who actually used the fruits of my efforts. Parallel to my career with technology, I also spent a lot of time volunteering for non-profit organizations, so I began my job search there – hoping to find something challenging and rewarding, while giving me the chance to work directly with end users.

As luck would have it, I stumbled across the job opening for a General Manager at Urban Missionaries of Our Lady of Hope. I had never heard of the company, but I applied anyway. Now, after three months on the job, I can look back and see that the Spirit knew what was in my heart and aligned me to where I was needed, and where I could contribute the most.

What an incredible group of people to work with! And every day I interact with the customers and clients who benefit from all the work that Urban Missionaries does! The days are never boring! I am amazed at the employees, the numerous volunteers, and the generous donations of so many that make it all happen.

My work here is made more special as it aligns perfectly with my spiritual faith. I wish that everyone could be as lucky as I am to land in a job that inspires me, satisfies me, and allows me to leave work every day feeling that I have contributed something to God’s people.