The BIG DIG! (it’s all relative of course)

Many of you already know and some of you may not know that we have received a grant from the Maranatha II Trust to have two bathrooms installed at 242 Canterbury Street, one in the Little Store and the other in the shed. I wanted to give you a snapshot of the construction phase of the project. As you can see from the pictures below this is no walk in the park. Our parking lot looks as though a bomb went off! The excavators  had to dig two trenches,  10 feet apart, one for the sewer line to the street and the other for a water line to bring water to the shed. Once the trenches were dug the pipes could be laid and covered over, but not all the way. They needed to leave openings at each end so the plumbers could install the hookups from the trench, through the wall of the buildings and into other trenches that they sawed out  inside each building. Now we have to wait for the city inspector to come in and approve the plumbing and then the construction contractor to return and fill in the openings in the trenches, cement the openings in the floor of the shed and Little Store and pave over the trenches so we have our parking lot back to what it was before this all started.  Once they are done the carpenters will come in and do the rough construction of the rooms, namely the bathrooms and the janitorial closets in the shed and the Little Store. Then we wait on the city building inspector to come in and approve the carpentry work. Then the plumbers and electricians come back to do the rough work prior to the interior walls being erected.  And again we wait on the city plumbing and electrical inspectors to approve the work. Once they do, the carpenters and then the plumbers and electricians will do all of the finish work.  And then one final inspection by the city building inspector and then I will need a nap! I cannot believe we are here. It was 5 years ago on September 4th that we took occupancy of this building and we finally are going to have a public bathroom for the customers of the Little Store. It has been a very long haul with many prayers and false starts, but here we are being blessed with the gift of our prayers. I would like you to stop by and see what the Lord had done for those who serve “the Least, the Last, and the Left Out.” You can click on any picture to enter the catalog.