St. Patrick’s in Rutland Brings the Easter Bunny to the Little Store

Easter baskets waiting for the children who come into the Little Store with their parents

It all started with an email from Chris Mulry asking for some ideas concerning what her students could do to help out with Easter. I immediately replied, “Could you make Easter baskets for the
children that come to the LittleStore with their parents?” “Oh I don’t know,” she responded, but I
will bring it up and see if it flies.”

A few weeks went by when I received another email from Chris. “We have had a tremendous
response to our Easter basket drive. When would you like me to deliver them to the LittleStore?” I
replied, “As soon as you can.” She said she would come on Thursday, with “over 100 baskets!”

When Chris arrived on Thursday along with her associate Easter Bunny, Pat Martin, they unloaded
107 Easter Baskets for us to pass out to families. The last basket went out on Holy Thursday.
Thank you Saint Patrick’s!!

Ms. Pat Martin (L) and Ms. Chris Mulry (R) place the Easter baskets around our Lenten Cross.