Saint John’s High School Shrewsbury MA

Once again the young men from St. John’s High School, Shrewsbury came to visit. And once again they did an outstanding job for us. We get 4 groups a year from St. John’s and it is always the same. Hard working young men eager to pick up a 5 pound sledge hammer and reduce anything within a 5 foot radius to splinters. Nothing brings a smile to a young man’s face quicker than when you say, “smash it.” Absolutely nothing! This group had the pleasant task of smashing and bashing 4 couches, an assorted number of small pieces of furniture, 10 or so suitcases and baby seats. These are items that were left in the parking lot in the dead of night, or boxed in with other donations.  Locked suitcases with no keys, unusable baby seats, damaged couches … not helpful to anyone but really fun to smash up!  The students then  sifted through the piles  sorting out the metal to recycle, swept up the pen area, and cut back the grass and bushes that had taken hold in one corner of the pen. We also started to organize the tool area in the shed. We received a donation of 5-drawer dorm bureaus that fit nicely into the shed area. We are now organizing all of the tools into the drawers and labeling them. We had some shelving that we received as a donation from Polar Company almost 30 years ago. Over the years we used it  for various functions in Little Store.  Well now they have been disassembled and we will put the lumber and plywood to be sold in the Flea market. At the end of the session, as we do with all groups, we sat them down and explained what we do here, who we serve here,  why they did the work they did and its impact on the mission here. We also answered their questions about what they observed during their stay here. It is always nice to shake their hands and accept their thank you’s as they leave. Another nice job Saint John’s!!   Click on any picture to see the gallery of photographs!