Partnering Organizations by Charley O’Neill

The spectrum of works of the Urban Missionaries of Our Lady of Hope are highly dependent on the efforts and support of many people, including the Urban Missionaries themselves, our dedicated employees, and the dozens upon dozens of volunteers who are the lifeblood of our programs. We are also pleased to be forming new and continuing relationships with entities who see common value in supporting Urban Missionaries’ efforts.

Every Monday three or four residents of the Seven Hills Foundation volunteer in The LittleStore. They help us with stocking shelves, organizing clothing, and other activities. Three mornings every week we have a group from the Worcester Public Schools Transitions Program doing similar work. While Urban Missionaries benefits from their volunteer hours, the volunteers gain organizational skills and work experience. We grow together!

Four days each week we benefit from the time of Clark University’s National Residence Hall Honorary group. Over a dozen members generously give their time and talents helping in The LittleStore, the Christmas Program, and will soon diversify their efforts to our other programs. Starting in late October we have a similar relationship with St. John’s High School who will be supplying 5 students every week to help with our many endeavors. We benefit from the talents of some very smart and hardworking students, and they fulfill their neighborhood outreach goals! It’s a win-win!

As everyone knows, the LittleStore is totally dependent on donations of furniture, homegoods, and clothing from generous people. Beyond the donations from individuals and families who know Urban Missionaries, we also benefit from relationships with companies who are hired to assist people in moving or downsizing their residences. The companies are Generations on the Move, RightSized Living MA, and Barry H’s Cleanup. When their clients are disposing of items that the LittleStore could use, they call us. For them, less disposal costs. For us, quality items to pass on to our customers. As we work together, everyone benefits!

The work of Urban Missionaries of Our Lady of Hope has always been focused on helping the “least, the last, and the left behind.” While we work together to achieve this work, it’s special that we also help each other along the way.