Our Need For Volunteers – November 2020

We have a dilemma of the worst kind because there seems to be no way to resolve it, but we really do need to resolve this one. The dilemma is, we need volunteers, always, not just at Christmas time, but every week of the year. We don’t just need the helping hands of the young people, but the brain power of professionals such as lawyers, marketers, social media gurus, social workers, etc. The dilemma is, how do we get you to volunteer in a pandemic?

The world has changed because of Covid-19, no doubt about it. The majority of us, wanting to act responsibly toward others, have put restrictions on just how much risk we are willing to take even within our own family, much less with strangers. We appreciate this position, and have embraced some of it for ourselves.

To overcome some of these barriers, we have implemented a safety program that is in compliance with federal and state guidelines. We always wear masks, even while writing this article. We sanitize our hands whenever we go in or out of the warehouse and store area. We have gloves to wear. We have set up screens to protect our store employees. We sweep and wash. We have restricted children under the age of 18 from coming into the store. 

For our Christmas program this year, we are restricting volunteer group size to five with one adult leader for groups coming to help sort, bag and pass out gifts. We have spread out the intake process to reduce the size of the line waiting to sign up. We will offer only prepackaged snacks for our Christmas volunteers. Sadly, no Coney Island hot dogs this year!

To get an idea of what volunteer opportunities are available go to www.urbanmissionaries.com then click on careers to see some of the positions that need filling. Of course if the spirit moves you to do something and you are not sure how your particular talents can help, call us at 508-831-7455 and we will explore ways your talents can help. 

And lastly, I leave you with  the words enjoined on us by Saint John Paul II, “Be not afraid. . .”