From the Director – October 2020

The beat rolls on! We are still spending a fair amount of time worrying about Covid-19 concerns. Every program has been impacted, as well as every person working in the ministry. We are constantly questioning ourselves daily about how well we are complying with the mandates from the state, as well as doing what is necessary for the Common Good.

As you can see, we have changed the style of StreetLights. Jeff Hall came up with a tool that makes it much easier to generate StreetLights and gives it a much more refreshing look. We will continue “play” with the format and style in future issues as we learn more about the capabilities of this new tool. 

We have kicked off the 2020 Christmas Giving Program and it is fraught with problems and worries on both sides of the coin, the gift-givers and the gift-getters! We got our first “are you doing the gift program this year?” on July 8, 2020. That is about two months early. Parishes have already started calling asking what we are going to do so that can determine if they will proceed or not. This is very disturbing.

The LittleStore and The Flea have been doing better than last year. In our last issue, I outlined some of the steps we were taking and it seems to be paying off. The number of people coming into the store is slowly increasing and that’s a good thing!

We have decided to extend The Flea’s season, only indoors. The Flea will be held in the shed every Saturday until the Saturday after Thanksgiving, November 28, 2020. Our hope is that we will recoup the revenue we lost by not being able to open on May 2, 2020.  Keep this program in your prayers!

We are still reaching out to everyone to help in some form or another in our sustainer program. We are asking that you  give it some thought and become a sustainer. It is easy to do, and takes about 5 minutes. All you need to do is go to and click on the sustain button or the paypal button to sign up.

We do understand that times are still difficult, many are mourning the loss of loved ones due to COVID – 19 and many more have not been able to properly bury their dead and moms and dads are trying to deal with a chaotic school program. You and yours are in our daily prayers.