Changes, Changes

As we told you in prior issues of StreetLights, we will be making some changes to StreetLights beginning with our February 2018 edition! We will be reducing the total number of pages to four, adding color pictures, and providing links to point you to a more in depth copy of any article. We will also be asking you for an email address that we can use to send your copy of StreetLights, which will allow you to easily go from one article to another simply by clicking on the article’s link. StreetLights will now be your entry point into our ministry, and our way to share our service to “the Least, the Last, and the Left Out” with you. The new StreetLights will keep you up to date on exciting news and insights, just like the old version, but will now provide a more interactive and integrated experience with the rest of our media presence. You will be able to donate, visit our website, and learn more about all facets of the Urban Missionaries with just a few clicks. Each quarter we will highlight important updates and new developments, and offer you the opportunity to visit our website to explore more. We hope you will try the new StreetLights and let us know what you think. Here is to the next 39 years!     Walter and Kathy Doyle  

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