Welcome to the LittleStore! Draft

The Little Store is comprised of three units, two of those being our brick and mortar stores located at 42 Canterbury Street, Worcester MA 01603. They are the Little Store, featuring used items, and Just New!, featuring all new items. The third unit is our online e-store, located within eBay featuring new and vintage items.

The Little Store has almost everything a family needs to survive at very low prices. Our prices are so low that whenever a first time customer comes to the store, they are pleasantly surprised to find just how little it costs to shop at the Little Store. For example, adult clothing costs $1.15 per pound. This works out to about $ 1.90 for a pair of jeans.

Every item is offered for a suggested minimum donation. These items are donated to the Little Store by people who know us or have heard about the store and decided to make a donation of items they no longer need. Often the donations are remarkable, and in some cases they are of such quality and value that our Little Store patrons can obtain things they never expected to be able to.

We ask those who need truck service to pick up their donations to make a cash donation to help with truck expenses. We ask the Little Store customers who select the items to also make a relatively small cash donation. In this way both the givers and the receivers contribute to the ongoing financial stability of the store, each according to his/her abilities..