LittleStore Policy Draft


The Little Store does not sell anything. It asks for a donation for the item or items you select.
We do not take phone calls concerning item availability and or requested donation amount.
We will make one phone call for you.


We are open Monday through Saturday 9:00 A.M – 4:00 P.M

Thursday and Friday we have extended hours until 7:00 P.M


We accept cash, Master Card, Visa ,and debit cards. We do not accept checks.
We do not take down payments or provide lay-a-way plans.
All donations are final. Once you pay for an item, it cannot be exchanged or returned.

Leaving items in the store

We are not responsible for items left behind the counter.
Items left behind the counter for later pickup must be picked up before the close of business.
Items not picked up before the close of business will revert back to the Little Store and no refunds will be made.

Delivery of items

All delivery of items is to the sidewalk in front of your house. Under no circumstances can items be delivered inside of the house.
Items left for pickup must have the $7.00 delivery fee paid. It will be returned to you when you present the delivery slip and have signed it.
All items left for pickup will be held for 14 calendar days. If you pickup your items within the first 7 calendar days your $7.00 pickup fee will be returned. Starting on the 8th day we will charge you $1.00 per day up to the 14th day maximum. After 14 days the items will revert back to the little store and you will loose cost of the item and your pickup fee unless a mutual agreement is made between the parties.