Lenten Fast – Fast of Hermas

This Lent the staff and volunteers of the Urban Missionaries will be fasting in order to help fund our services to “the Least, the Last, and the Left Out.” This is an expansion and continuation of our traditional Fast of Hermas. Now, many more staff and volunteers will be taking part!

Our prior fasts have been in honor of St. Hermas and undertaken during Holy Week. St. Hermas was an early christian who lived in Rome during the 2nd century. St. Hermas is believed to have written an early treatise on fasting, The Shepherd of Hermas.

Please click below to be taken to our donation form, where you can donate and leave a comment about how you would like to assign the fast.

For every $50, one of our staff and volunteers will fast for one day. You can either tell us who you would like to fast and for what day(s), or we will assign a random participant a day of fasting.

Please also feel free to make a donation of any amount to support our Lenten Fast.

A Few of Our Participants

If you would like to join our 2021 fast, please email mailbox@urbanmissionaries.com. We would be happy to have you join us!

A few of our participants for the 2021 Lenten Fast are:

Walter and Kathy Doyle

Jeffrey Hall

Sr. Anna Vergani

Brian Hermanspan

Each participant will be accepting fasting assignments throughout the Lenten season, so pick your participants and dates today! Feel free to donate through Paypal or GoFundMe below.

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