From the Director’s Chair

Well, we are coming out of our winter time and things are heating up as spring approaches. We have been busily working on a number of projects that address the growth that we have experienced over the past three years. We have re-organized our department structure, added two new outreach programs, Outreach to the Elderly and St. Stephen Housing Initiative, all while moving our computer information to “the cloud” as they say.

As we look towards spring, we are planning our Summer Flea market, the annual sustainer drive, and in the summer we await the arrival of the Young Neighbors in Action groups, the annual retreat for Urban Missionaries of Our Lady of Hope in August, and the celebration of our fortieth anniversary as a social action ministry in the Diocese of Worcester.

We, also have been busily re-working our website, Might I suggest you take a look and see the fine work Jeff Hall has done for us? But, knowing us you already realize that we are not satisfied with the site and so we have Jeff typing away, adding corrections, some amplification, and those new and exciting additions to the site. Couple this with the work being done by a group of Bryant University students as a class project updating our Facebook presence, our advertising program for Google and Facebook, as well as developing a new website for the LittleStore at and you start to see that things are popping around here.

The Urban Missionaries of Our Lady of Hope are working on membership and the future direction of the ministry. Our hope is to expand the number of people who join us in doing little works of charity for “the least, the last, and the left out.” If you would like some information concerning the Urban Missionaries of Our Lady of Hope and the work we do, just email us at and we will get back to you.

We hope you will join us for our fortieth celebration. We will be sending out invitations in September and we wish you and yours a very Happy Easter.