What Urban Missionaries Do

You have heard me say many times in the past, “there is no such thing as an easy day.” When Kathy and I were on vacation in early March, I received a message from the office that Cindy called and was very upset because of her 32-year-old niece had died. I immediately dialed Cindy’ number and after a few rings I heard, “Hello.” “Cindy, this is Walter Doyle calling,” I said and in a voice racked with pain and sobbing I heard, “Walt, my niece died this morning” and then I was unable Read more [...]

Macey’s Clothing Drive

February 2nd was a cold, cold day and rather quiet in the Little Store because of the cold.  Riley was on the front counter and Walter and I were in the back office. A call came in from the front counter, “There’s an enormous donation coming in, you’d better get out here!”   What we found when we ran out to the front was Macey Poitras-Cote from St. Rose of Lima parish and her parents,  Pamela and Jason, unloading 2 trucks full of clothing donations. Macey was happy to describe the Read more [...]