Our Team

The Urban Missionaries of Our Lady of Hope, formerly the Refugee Apostolate, Inc., has been providing services to the “the Least, the Last, and the Left Out” for the past 40 years in central Massachusetts. 



During that time the Urban Missionaries have developed a number of service programs to deal with the problematic situations that families and individuals face every day.

These programs are:

The LittleStore, a place where families can obtain all the household items a family needs.

The Christmas Giving Program, a toy educational distribution for children, from pre-birth to 14 years of age.

The Sr. Alice Petty, R.S.M. Program, which offers educational resources for newcomers, including immigration and naturalization, and language mentoring for those needing help preparing for the citizenship application process.

Food Distribution, where a family can receive up to 30 pounds of food and 2 pounds of meat and bread at two locations.

Pastoral Outreach, outreach to families who face unfamiliar or seemingly insurmountable life situations.

St. Stephen Housing Initiative – houses newly arrived refugees, immigrants, and asylees.

Outreach to the Elderly – match up clean-teams and elderly persons in need of help deep cleaning their home.

Administration – involves, personnel, accounting, information technology, administrative assistance, budgeting.


Facilities and Equipment

The Urban Missionaries of Our Lady of Hope are housed in 18,000 sq. ft. situated in two buildings. It is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the facilities as well as a 40,000 sq. ft. parking lot and 765 ft. of public sidewalks. It maintains two 40 ft. containers which it leases out from time to time. It has a Ford-350 box truck that is used to pick up donations and make deliveries of items to our customers’ homes, as well as a forklift truck and scissor lift.