Outreach to the Elderly

As part of our ministry, the Urban Missionaries often go to people’s homes to pick up furniture donations. Over many years of operating the LittleStore, receiving donations, and visiting homes, we noticed another possible avenue for our ministry. Sometimes the people who donate furniture to us are elderly, and home bound. In addition to having trouble leaving home for essentials, it can be difficult for some elderly people to effectively clean their homes. Time and time again, our donation team has described some of their experiences of going into apartments to pick up furniture and noticing the dirt and filth some of our donors were living in. This led to the idea to form our new Elderly Outreach Program. The Urban Missionaries of Our Lady of Hope will now act as a bridge between the elderly and parish youth groups that can volunteer to clean apartments and even possibly develop ongoing relationships with the groups or individual families of the young volunteers. We think this is an exciting opportunity to bridge generational gaps, and provide much needed assistance to the elderly, as well as allowing our youth groups to benefit from the wisdom and experience of our donors.