John Johnson Memorial

It is with great sadness that we inform you all that a beloved volunteer, John, passed away last month. John was a constant fixture in The LittleStore, and the staff remember him fondly. The men and women who volunteer here and give of themselves and their time can tell you it is no easy task. There is a constant need for help here, and John filled it every week with a smile and, so often, a joke. We can tell you that John always thought of the little things. Lost screws and bolts didn’t stay Read more [...]

What Urban Missionaries Do

All I can say is, it was “a day from hell!” Usually when you get to this part of Streetlights you find a story about those we help, their struggles, problems, or dilemmas and how we helped. Well this one is about me, the Flea market, and all the things that conspired to make this day, a day we will never forget, “a day from hell” You have had days like this, everyone does, but that doesn’t make it any easier to take. Let me begin with some background material. Every Saturday, starting Read more [...]