6 Oread Street

6 Oread St.   Number 6 Oread St. is 2 blocks up from where the Little Store was located at 731 Main St. When I first became aware of Pat True was when I was working the front counter and she was checking out and as I gave her her change she announced, “Today is my birthday!” I immediately wished her a happy birthday. And then for some unknown reason I went to where we displayed the bread and pastries. I remembered that there was a birthday cake there and so I picked it up and gave Read more [...]

What Urban Missionaries Do – April 2, 2016

What Urban Missionaries Do   This is a story about love, about how being open to the suffering of others allows us to embrace it as our own. It is a story about comprehending the fullness of the Message and responding to what it requires of us. It is a lesson in abandoning our selves to the service of others. It is, in the world we inhabit, the meaning of the Cross.   Late last Saturday afternoon, Kathy and Walter received a phone call from the distraught daughter of a woman Read more [...]